Event Registrations Manager

The Event Registrations Manager is where all registrations for all event products past, present and future are listed.

Navigate to the Event Registrations listing

To navigate to the Event Registrations section of the site:

  • Click on Orders on the Ultra Commerce main toolbar
  • Select Event Registrations from the drop-down


The Event Registrations listing screen will appear.


Here you can:

  • Search for registrations with the search box. 
  • Sort registrations by Name, Product Name, Event Start and End and Sku Definition.
  • Create Personal collection reports for registrations. For more information on personal collections visit the Collections section of the user guide.
  • View or Edit individual registrations.

View Event Registrations Detail

From the Event Registration listing screen:

  • Click on the eye icon to view or click on the pencil icon to edit an Event Registration.

The Event Registration Detail page will appear.

The detail screen provides details for the Registration for the event.

Name of the registered account with a link to the account.

Product Name with link to the product.

Event Start date and time.

Event End date and time.

Registration Start Date the date that you can begin to register for the event.

Registration End Date the last date you can register for the event.

Registration Status the status of the registration. This registration status depends on the sku settings for the Event.

Actions Menu Event Detail

Change to Approved

This is where admin can approve a registration that requires approval from the Actions menu.  More information on sku settings for event products can be found in the Event Product sku settings section of the user guide.

Change to Attended

A registration status can be changed to Attended from the Actions menu.

Cancel Registration

A registration can be cancelled from the actions menu.

Change to Pending Approval

This is where a registration that has been approved can be changed to Pending Approval from the Actions menu.

Change to Pending Confirmation

This is where a registration can be changed to pending confirmation from the Actions menu.

Change to Registered

This is where a registration can be changed to registered from the Actions Menu.

Add to Wait List

This is where a registration can be added to the wait list.