Miscellaneous Fee Product

Miscellaneous Fees products are fee products that do not recur and that don't require fulfillment. For example you might charge a fee the first time an order is placed or a customization fee for a bundle product.

Create Miscellaneous Fee Products

To create a Miscellaneous Fee product:

  • Click on Products on Ultra Commerce toolbar.
  • Select Products from the drop-down.

The Products listing screen will display products that have already been created.

  • Click on +Create at the top right of the screen
  • Select Miscellaneous Fee Product from the drop-down.

The Create Product screen will appear.

  • Product Type - Miscellaneous Fee will be selected by default.
  • Product Name - Add in a product name
  • Product Code - Add in a unique string for the product code to identify the product.
  • Price - Add in a Price
  • List Price - Add in a List Price
  • Click Create Product

The Miscellaneous Fee product detail will display. One sku has been created automatically for the product.