Inventory Definitions

Ultra Commerce is a transactional inventory management system. This is an important distinction for integration with accounting systems. It means that all inventory levels in the system are derived from a specific transaction on a specific datetime. This allows you to get a number of different values on any Product, Sku, or Stock at any given time.

Core Quantities

The following quantity types are the core values of the state of inventory.

Quantity Type Full Name Description
QOH Quantity On Hand

Represents the physical quantity that you have on hand in any given location for a given sku.  This value is increased whenever you receive products from a return order,vendor order, or stock adjustment.  The value is decreased whenever you ship goods on an order, return vendor order, or stock adjustment.

Additionally it is important to note that this value is not stored and then incremented and decremented.  It is actually a sum of the Ultra Commerce Inventory table.  This is important from an accounting standpoint so that you have a record over any time it is incremented / decremented with an associated cost.

QNDOO Quantity Not Delivered On Order This value represents all items on open orders in the system that have not yet be shipped or delivered in some other fashion.  For example if you have an open order with 5 of the same t-shirt on it, but you have only shipped 2 of them because the rest is backordered, this number for that t-shirt would be 3.
QNDORVO Quantity Not Delivered On Return Vendor Order ( Vendor RMA )  
QNDOSA Quantity Not Delivered On Stock Adjustment  
QNRORO Quantity Not Received On Return Order  
QNROVO Quantity Not Received On Vendor Order  
QNROSA Quantity Not Received On Stock Adjustment  


Helper Quantities

The following quantities are really helper type quantities that most business logic is derived from. These are really just simple calculations of the Core Quantities.

Quantity Type Full Name Description
QC Quantity Committed The quantity committed is a sum of all the QNDxxx values from the core quantities above.  It is mean to tell you how many units that you already have planned to be sent to a Customer, Returned to a Vendor, or allocated on a Stock Adjustment.
QE Quantity Expected The quantity expected is a sum of all the QNRxxx values from the core quantities above.  It is meant to tell you how many additional units are supposed to show up to a given location either via Customer Return, Vendor Order (PO), or a Stock Adjustment.
QNC Quantity Not Committed  
QIATS Quantity Immediately Available To Sell  
QATS Quantity Available To Sell  
MQATSBOM Materialized Quantity Available To Sell from Bill Of Material How many bundle qty that can be made based on BOM inventory.  



Reporting Quantities

These quantities are really only used for reporting purposes.

Quantity Type Full Name Description
QS Quantity Sold  
QR Quantity Received  


Setting Quantities

The following quantities are settings that can be defined at the Global, Product Type, Product, Sku or Stock level.

Quantity Type Full Name Description
quantityHeldBack Quantity To Hold Back  
quantityMinimum Minimum Quantity Stock Level  
quantityMaximum Maximum Quantity Stock Level  
quantityOrderMinimum Minimum Quantity Allowed Per Order  
quantityOrderMaximum Maximum Quantity Allowed Per Order